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The Maverick Creative Academy Community

Jac Travers

The Maverick Creative Academy Community

Reclaim your individuality! Take back control of your look, feel & how you express your creativity.

What is this?

The Maverick Creative Academy Community is about bringing peeps together who are, or looking to be:

  • Creatively-minded and interesting people
  • True to their uniquely complex self (not conforming to the status quo)
  • In control of how they look and how they feel, plus
  • Living an authentic life with purpose and experiencing real joy!

Now, this is not an airy-fairy-only-light-and-love-so-let's-make-daisy-chains-and-do-yoga-every-morning type of community.

Life is a little grittier, a little more raw, in here.

You'll love it in here if you've ever been called "weird", "a little strange" or a "different". Your differences are your strengths and they are to b celebrated.

The mission:

The goal is to make your experience here awesome. You can expect to get:

Inspiration. To live a life defined by your own rules as you take back control over how you look, feel, and how you express yourself. You'll find greater joy and a more fulfilling life by owning who you are and not apologising for it.

Understanding. You're not alone. Being a trailblazer, a rebel, and a voice of reason can sometimes feel like a lonely road. But with this community, you will always have some wind in your sails because we've got your back. Others might think you're an outcast, we just think you're pretty damn cool. :)

Rewards. Because who doesn't love free stuff?!?! The more people you invite into our community the more stuff you get! For example, 2 people is a free T-shirt. And your life will be rewarded from the new talents you discover and the confidence you gain from being a part of this community too (but also free stuff).

A few things to know:

It’s more than a 'like'. As we build this community together, there is exclusive content to promote deeper conversations, and great events or courses to stimulate richer experiences.

Follow what you care about. Is it embracing makeup, curious about drag, improving your painting, discovering your individuality, expressing yourself through personal style, or building a creative business… Choose the topics you want to be informed about without annoying and unwanted adverts clogging up your feed.

There are more ways for you to connect with real people like you. There are more ways for you to meet people who are near you, who are in the same courses, attending the same community events, or who care about the same topics. It's all in the one platform to make it simple and easy.

It's portable. Download the app and jump into the community whenever the urge takes you. Courses, events, chats, and activity feeds can all be taken on the go and accessed immediately.

It's about the journey. Every artist was once an amateur and we showcase the beginnings, growth, achievements, and creations of building new skills. It is about encouraging development and finding comfort in the journey. We can do it together!

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